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Have you noticed the amounts of facepalm-worthy content being generated these days? Have you noticed how you can't even find words to properly respond to a post, because the amounts of bullshit it contains is beyond any reason?

This here is the biggest facepalm on the Internet. It can't get any bigger. Use it as a bullshit marker or tag @TheBiggestFacepalm at outstanding displays of stupidity on Facebook.

How do I even?

Use the Red button in the bottom left corner to create your custom facepalm. Reflect your reaction as accurately as you can!

Use the Copy button in the top right corner to copy a link to the current facepalm or get an image of it for all your Tweeting needs.

Use the Question Mark button to... oh, wait.

And yes, more content will be added over time. Plans are as big as the facepalm here!

Oh, cool!

Right? You're welcome!

Can I get you a beer?

Sure, I'd love a cold one!